Getting Started with Your 十大彩票平台 Account


Welcome to 十大彩票平台! 在开始上课之前,您需要访问您的十大彩票平台帐户并熟悉十大彩票平台在线系统.

Your 十大彩票平台 Account gives you access to log onto Password Manager, the 十大彩票平台Net Portal, 十大彩票平台 Email, Blackboard, ARIES, 十大彩票平台 computers, and 十大彩票平台 printers. 使用相同的用户名和密码登录所有十大彩票平台 Account系统.

Once you become a student the account creation process is initiated. This process takes 24 hours to complete. 凭据通过Adobe Sign发送到您提供给十大彩票平台的电子邮件. 此电子邮件将包含您的十大彩票平台 ID#,用户名,十大彩票平台电子邮件和密码. This email will come from with the subject line "十大彩票平台 Account Login Information-IMPORTANT!". If you do not receive an email 24 hours after becoming a student, or need your password reset, 请使用ChatNow(在网站的角落徘徊)与IT服务台联系, Call 413-755-4016, or see us in person in building 27, room 143.

Check the email you provided 十大彩票平台 to get your credentials.

请注意:如果您没有提供十大彩票平台的电子邮件地址或您的电子邮件已更改, you MUST contact the Registrar's Office to update your information. 帮助台不能更改或添加信息到您的学生记录.

Password Manager is used to manage your password. 您必须首先在密码管理器中注册,然后才能使用这些功能. When enrolling you will be asked to create two security questions, add a non-十大彩票平台 email, and add your cell phone. This is used to verify your identity. 注册后,您将收到成功注册的消息,但这里还没有完成.  在离开此页之前,选择左上角的“更改密码”选项卡.  

Password Rules

  • 密码中不能包含超过两个连续字符的用户名或全名.
  • Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Passwords must contain 3 of the 4 following categories:
    • One upper case letter
    • One lower case letter
    • A number
    • A special character (example, !, #, $)
  • You cannot reuse the last 10 passwords.

十大彩票平台 provides students with a Gmail account. This is should be used to communicate with offices and faculty. 如果您有个人Gmail帐户,请在访问十大彩票平台电子邮件帐户之前注销.

Check your 十大彩票平台 Email regularly for important communications.

  1. Navigate to the Gmail Login.
  2. Sign out of other open Gmail accounts before you continue. 
  3. Enter your full 十大彩票平台 Email address (including "") into the "Email or phone" field.  Google security has changed with our Single Sign On (SSO).  要登录两个Gmail帐户,你需要使用不同的浏览器或使用私人浏览器.
  4. Click the "Next" button.
    Gmail Sign in Screenshot
  5. Log into Single Sign On (SSO) with your 十大彩票平台 Account Username and Password (not your 十大彩票平台 Email address).  This will direct you to your email.
    screenshot of 十大彩票平台 Account Login

ARIES is used to manage your education records and provides access to:

  • Financial Aid
  • Billing and Make a Payment
  • Academic Advising
  • Course Registration and searches for courses
  • 学位评估(完成了哪些要求,还需要满足哪些要求)
  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • Academic Advising
  • Grades
  • Tax Information (1098T)
  • Your Contact Information

To update your contact information:

  1. Navigate to ARIES.
  2. Click the User Options icon in the left sidebar. Options appear.
    User Profile Icon
  3. Click "User Profile". The User Profile page appears.
    User Profile screenshot
  4. Click "+ Add New Email". A window appears.
    add new email button
  5. Enter your personal email in the "Email Address" field.  Do not enter your 十大彩票平台 Gmail address.
  6. Click "Add Email".  出现“成功更新用户配置文件”的成功消息。.  Your personal email is added to your 十大彩票平台 Account.
    Enter Email Window
  7. Update your address if it is missing or incorrect.
  8. Add a personal phone number if it is missing or incorrect.

Blackboard is the application used to participate in class remotely.  Content such as submitting class assignments, completing timed online tests/quizzes, 以及通过黑板上的讨论板进行交流.  Faculty post syllabi and other course documents to Blackboard.

Blackboard will open the week before classes, however, 黑板上的课程可能要到你上课的第一天才可用.


Logging In

To log in to Blackboard, click the "十大彩票平台 Account Login" button. 如果提示“单点登录”,请输入十大彩票平台帐户凭据.



如需更多使用Blackboard的帮助,请使用下面的十大彩票平台联系十大彩票平台 Blackboard支持团队.

Chat Now! 

Online Learning Orientation

十大彩票平台在每学期开始时提供Zoom讲师指导的在线学习方向. Attending one of the orientation sessions is optional, 但强烈推荐给刚开始学习在线课程或使用Blackboard学习管理系统(LMS)的学生. Please see the Blackboard Student Orientation page for more details.

Blackboard Orientation Course

You are automatically enrolled in a free orientation course each semester about how to use Blackboard. This course can be found in your course list as COL-001.

Blackboard定向课程包含有关在线学习的信息,包括在线成功的提示, Netiquette, Blackboard navigation, Blackboard tools like email, assignments, discussion boards, tests and exams, how to get Blackboard support, 您的计算机或设备的技术要求以及许多其他主题.


如需更多使用Blackboard的帮助,请使用下面的十大彩票平台联系十大彩票平台 Blackboard支持团队.

Chat Now! 

以下所有十大彩票平台帐户系统都可以使用您的十大彩票平台帐户用户名和密码访问.  You will need to access and use all of these systems while at 十大彩票平台.

十大彩票平台Net Portal

十大彩票平台Net门户网站将让您从一个中心位置访问许多资源. 十大彩票平台 Offices will post documents, resources, and information meant only for current students, faculty, and staff. Think of it as the home page on the internal network.


At the top of (this website), 有一个方便的下拉快捷方式叫做eTools,它可以链接到上面的系统以及你需要访问的其他关键区域.  The 十大彩票平台Net portal will provide the same access and more.

eTools menu screenshot


学生可以在校园里从任何计算机实验室或个人设备打印到安全的打印队列.  You can then go to any of the print release stations located on campus,刷Ramcard,然后选择要打印的文档.  To add funds to your print budget, go to  您的十大彩票平台凭证也可以用于登录打印机的打印放行站.  For more information about printing please see the 十大彩票平台Net Portal Printing page (十大彩票平台 Account log-in required).