High School Equivalency Exam (HiSET)/GED



Computer Based 测试 (CBT) is offered at the:
十大彩票平台 测试 and Assessment Center
Building 19, Room 238

Paper and Pencil Exams (PBT) are offered at the:
十大彩票平台 测试 and Assessment Center
Building 19, Room 238

HiSET/GED Test Taker Bulletin will answer most of your questions about taking the exams.


如果您之前根据GED®的及格分数获得了马萨诸塞州高中同等学历证书, and need proof of the credential, 你必须在 文凭发送方 按照下面的步骤将文件发送给你或你指定的其他人. 文凭寄件人将为您提供的每份原件和有效文件需支付15美元的费用.


HiSET/GED Exam Preparation

Springfield Adult Learning Center

的 Springfield Adult Learning Center offers a free HiSET Exam Preperation course 为对大学感兴趣的学生准备大学水平课程和HiSET/GED考试的学术挑战.

HiSET® Exam Preparation Materials from ETS Website

  • Prepare for the HiSET® Exam: Overview - Material on the ETS HiSET Website
    • 教程视频
    • 学习的伙伴
    • 实践测试
    • 样题
  • Free Practice Materials
    • You can use the documents below to learn more about the HiSET®考试,获得有关调度过程的信息,并为考试做准备. Many are available in both English and Spanish.

HiSET/GED 费s and Payment

How much does it cost to take the HiSET/GED exam in Massachusetts?


Option 1: Full Battery Purchase (all five tests)


Initial Battery Purchase:

  • You are charged $64 when you schedule your first test; the remaining $36 will be charged when you schedule the four remaining tests at 每次测试9美元.
  • You are encouraged to schedule all five tests at the time of registration; however, you have the option to schedule from one to five tests at one time.



  • Up to two retests in each subtest
  • Must be taken within one year of your initial registration


Option 2*: Individual Test Purchase (one test at a time)


First Single Test Initial Purchase


Each Subsequent Test including any retests



注意: 全额电池购买费用选项自注册之日起一年内到期. If you have not passed the HiSET/GED exam by that time, you must select another payment option for the subsequent tests.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you are scheduling online, you may pay by:

  • 借记卡或信用卡(American Express®、发现®、万事达卡®、VISA®和JCB®)
  • 贝宝®
  • 电子支票

我只有现金. How can I pay for my HiSET/GED exam?

You must pay for the exam at the time you schedule it online or by phone, so you aren't able to pay with cash. 然而,如果你只有现金,你可以用以下方式之一使用它:

  • purchase a GreenDot® MoneyPak prepaid card and fund a PayPal account
  • purchase a prepaid PayPal My Cash Card and fund a PayPal account
  • purchase a VISA, 万事达卡 or American Express gift card
  • open a free checking account and pay with an electronic check (eCheck)

If you are purchasing a prepaid credit card or gift card, 在购买之前,请务必检查这些卡是否有任何可能阻止您在我们的注册系统中使用它们的限制, such as restrictions against using the card for online purchases. 要了解如何使用这些付款方式的更多信息,请下载 Cash Options for HiSET Test Takers flyer (PDF).


If you are scheduling by phone, you may pay by debit card or credit card (American Express, 发现, 万事达卡, VISA和JCB).

You can't use a PayPal account to pay over the phone.


If you cancel your scheduled appointment and do not want to reschedule, you must do so at least three days prior to your scheduled appointment. 的 refund policy for the battery is as follows:

  • If you have taken no subtests, 如果您在预约前72小时取消预约,您将有资格获得25美元的部分退款.
  • 如果您已经参加了一项或多项电池测试,或者如果您没有提前取消并且没有在测试当天出现在您的预定预约中, you will not be eligible for a refund.



  • You are eligible for a $7.如果您在预约前72小时内取消预约,将获得50美元的退款.
  • 如果你没有提前取消考试,也没有在考试当天出现在你预定的约会中, you will not be eligible for a refund.

What if something unexpected happens on test day, I don't cancel and I cannot make my scheduled appointment? 我可以退款吗?